Woodford & Region Men's Shed Inc. - We are here for each other!
A WARM welcome to WARMS!

WARMS is focused on providing a facility for members and visitors to gather and have friendly, enjoyable, entertaining, educational, productive and above all, supportive interaction with each other.
We are working from scratch to build our Men's Shed membership and facilities. This provides opportunities for team work and the use of the individual talents of our members to achieve a result greater than the separate inputs.   
The greatest success we can have is to have everyone volunteering their time and expertise to share with others. No matter what walk of life we have come from, everyone has something of value to bring to the Shed.
By sharing we will not only build the structure but also the spirit of our Shed. We will also achieve a high level of satisfaction and reward.
Together we will grow the variety of activities on offer in our Shed environment as we generate momentum.
Our Future ? .... There's much more to come !

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